About CSAT Solutions

A Commitment to Excellence!

Founded as a motherboard repair company over 20 years ago, CSAT Solutions has grown into one of the leading reverse and forward logistics service providers performing test and repairs on notebooks, desktops, tablets, servers, smart phones, mobile devices, components and more. We have facilities in Houston, TX, Salem, NH, and Singapore, as well as strategic alliances in Toronto, CA, Mexico City, MX, Xiamen and Shanghai, PRC.

Innovation is our cornerstone enabling cost effective business solutions driving world-class quality and delivery. The company has been consistently recognized by our customers as “Best in Class” for Quality and innovative service solutions.

CSAT Solutions is a privately owned company that was acquired by CAI Private Equity (New York, Vancouver) in 2013. For additional information, please contact:
CAI Private Equity
70 East 55th Street, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Tel. 1-212-319-0232

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From Our CEO

CSAT Solutions!

As our business continues to evolve, the products and services we offer have evolved as well. In the beginning, our company was known as a leading provider of repair services for computers and related components. But today we offer so much more! Our business has expanded into new markets and service offerings including smart phones, tablets, flat panel displays, set top boxes, medical devices, enterprise and network services, and a full range of call center and software solutions to help drive better performance, reliability and overall experience for our customers.

The name CSAT Solutions is based on our underlying goal of driving superior Customer Satisfaction for our customers and their clients. Over the years, we’ve begun to focus more on delivering end-to-end solutions that go way beyond a traditional break/fix service provider. Every one of our associates understands the importance of driving customer satisfaction on behalf of our customers. It really has become our life’s mission within the company.

We truly appreciate the partnership we have developed with our customers and suppliers. And thanks to the commitment and skills of our fellow employees, we are confident that our overall performance will continue to create a positive Customer Experience for your customers as well!

Richard Van Deventer

Richard Van Deventer CEO