Whole Unit Repair Solutions

The All-in-One depot repair model represents the ultimate lean reverse logistics repair solution. By being able to provide all “under one roof” whole unit as well as component-level Board and LCD panel repair, combined with innovative test software and OS support, Call Center services as well as both Defective Parts Inbound and Finished Goods Parts management capability, CSAT Solutions provides its customers with an end-to-end supply chain solution that is truly World Class!

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Smart Phone Repair Solutions

Servicing many of the leading global Smart Phone devices, CSAT Solutions has the technical and processing know-how to repair the latest in Smart Phone devices on the market. And, as part of our comprehensive LCD Display repair capability, we can also repair the expensive display module using the latest in UV-cured liquid touch screen adhesive processes providing our customers with another innovative and economical supply chain solution.

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LCD Panel & Touch Screen Display Repair

CSAT Solutions performs panel-level repairs for LCDs and touch screen assemblies by utilizing a state-of-the-art processing equipment and clean room environment. Our bonding and de-bonding experience has placed our repair capabilities at the top of the industry when it comes to today's new technology. What’s more, our highly skilled engineering and operations teams ensure our customers will receive superior quality results.

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Main Logic Board Repair

Today's latest technologies are incorporating more components into the motherboard. The solid state drives, memory and CPUs are now integral parts of the board. Being able to repair these boards and place them back into the same unit so warranty customers can keep their data is just one of the benefits. Our advanced diagnostics has kept up with these emerging technologies so we are able to offer detailed diagnostics and analytics at the chip level for each board screened and repaired in our facilities.

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Flat Panel Monitor Repair

Technical experts screen and repair hundreds of FPMs each day. Advanced diagnostics and refurbishment of each unit provide our customers with New Buy cost avoidance. Furthermore, even greater economics can be obtained with the repair of the LCD panel itself.

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Medical Device & Equipment Repair

Medical devices such as endoscopes, infusers and monitor displays play a vital part in today's healthcare arena. Because we provide advanced diagnostics, repair and consistent high quality, CSAT Solutions has become a leading provider of medical device refurbishment and repair services.

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Enterprise Equipment

Servers, Switches, Routers, Build to Configuration

In conjunction with our whole unit repair depot and as an added benefit of an all-under-one-roof model, we also offer repair services on enterprise equipment. The company offers system design and rack integration services as well as providing testing, diagnostics and repair services for servers/switches/routers.

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Tape Drive Repair

Our in-house expert technicians are able to repair tape drives experiencing stuck tapes, no power and auto load malfunction. We have also resolved boot/initialization failures, boot failures and load errors. Contact us for more information on how we can be of service for your tape drive products.

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Hard Drive Screening & Imaging

We use the latest in industry standard software to screen hard drives for defects. We also perform custom and factory imaging services. The types of hard drives we screen and image are IDE, SATA, SCSI and SAS. Because we have a high output yield on this process, it reduces the need for expensive laboratory work and saves time in re-stocking for service.

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Power Supply Repair

CSAT Solutions is currently supporting several of the leading global technology companies with power supply services. We have the capabilities to service most industrial, commercial and medical power supplies in the field today. All of the diagnostics and repairs are performed by technical experts.

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Commercial & Industrial PCB Repair

Because PCB boards can be expensive to replace and many are no longer available new, CSAT Solutions offers a repair solution to help prevent a machine being scrapped for one chip component or board. Our PCB repairs are performed down to the component level using state of the art diagnostics, BGA, soldering and inspection systems. Since we use the latest techniques even some through-plated holes can be remade as well as some types of damaged tracks repaired, which allows even the most damaged circuit boards to function again avoiding new equipment purchases.

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Inventory HUB Services

Warehousing and Parts Tracking at the Serial Number Level

CSAT Solutions offers climate controlled warehousing and parts management through serialized tracking systems; multi-vendor hub services under SLA agreements.

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Forward & Reverse Logistics

Kitting, Pick, Pack & Ship

The company provides high volume parts fulfillment services that include pick, pack, kitting and shipping worldwide.

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Supply Chain Management

Planning Product Lifecycles

By leveraging CSAT Solutions All-In-One operations capabilities, we can optimize your supply chain through parts repair and tear-down/harvesting services. This capability ensures that you will have the right part in the right place at the right time.

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Product Lifecycle Management

Strategic Procurement, Recycling, Fulfillment Programs

From excessive inventory to asset disposition programs, our customers receive maximum value while their assets and related intellectual property stays protected.

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